10 irritations that you only recognize if you often work at home

12 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

10 irritations that you only recognize if you often work at home

© Tessa Gorgosz 10 irritations that you only recognize when you often work at home

Working from home may seem wonderful, but there are certainly a number of disadvantages to it. If you often work from home there is a good chance that you will recognize these irritations.


1. There is no travel time, so you literally roll out of bed 10 minutes in advance

And then you feel a bad person all day because you have not showered and you are still in your pajamas.

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2. Your roommate / partner hates you because you never leave

After a whole day of work, you are still in the same place as you were this morning. Coincidence? You try to convince your roommate / partner that you actually went to the kitchen two hours ago.

3. Because you are rarely in the office, your clothing style is a bit simpler.

How should you have known that not everyone is walking around the office in sweatpants and an oversized sweater?

4. You order food far too often

Several delivery men know your entire wardrobe (from pajamas) and you spent more money on Thai food last month than on rent. It was worth it. Pizza today?

5. The end of your workday is always a damper

Because you simply decide when it's time to close your laptop. It's over for today!

6. You don't leave your house for days

Why go to the supermarket when you can have the groceries delivered to your home? You try to avoid daily tasks that take place outside your bedroom.

7. You prefer to skip trips after work

Your friends with office jobs can easily roll into the corner bar for a few cocktails, but you have to say goodbye to the comfort of your buttock print on the couch.

8. People don't take your work so seriously

It's not because you don't have a briefcase with you and you don't have to attend 15 useless meetings a day that your work is less serious. Many people see your job as relaxing at home all day.

9. You often work much more hours than when you go to an office.

Because there is no caretaker to turn off the lights and vacuum under your feet, you have no idea when a day starts and ends.

10. You become lazy

Your inner mud fox wakes up and moving becomes a tough job. You wait for your partner to come home so that he / she can get some food for you from the kitchen.