10 little things you can do when you feel 'locked up'

17 Jun 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

10 little things you can do when you feel 'locked up'

© Maaike Oude Geerdink 10 little things you can do if you feel 'locked up'

Week three of social distancing has started. Something that is not easy and that many people struggle with. It is therefore important to take good care of yourself. Perhaps the tips below may come in handy.

Mental Health

Caring for your mental health is essential today. A (self) isolation is for someone who lives alone, probably different from, for example, someone who lives with family or roommates. In addition, factors such as work, a lot of free time, taking care of a family or home education for children also play a role. Pay a little attention to each other, but also pay attention to yourself. Below are ten little things you can do that might help you take some of the 'locked away' feeling.

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10 tips

1. Open the curtains and window.

A little fresh air and some sunlight can work wonders.

2. Try to stick to the 'basic' things

There will be good and bad days, and that's okay. But try to maintain your routine as much as possible, such as hygiene, drinking enough water, eating regularly, et cetera.

3. Make a 'normal' schedule

You don't have to plan your whole day, but a schedule can help keep you going. Set your alarm clock during the week and go to bed on time. In addition, make sure you eat meals and snacks regularly, get enough exercise and take breaks.

4. Spend more time on a hobby

Whether painting, puzzling or gardening. Do something that makes you happy and that provides relaxation. Of course this can also be finding a new hobby.

5. Make your bed

Clean house, clear head.

6. Dance it out

Now that you're more indoors, dancing can help blow off some steam. Put on your favorite playlist every day and jump, dance and sing.

7. Go outside

If you are feeling well and have no symptoms, take a walk. Fresh air can work wonders and you are also in a different environment.

8. Write down your thoughts

You may not normally be a person who keeps a journal, but if you find your head getting 'full', writing those thoughts down may help. This will put them on a page and get them 'out of your head'. It doesn't have to be a complete story, you can also write down only words and emotions.

9. Maintain contact

Today it is very important to maintain contacts. Video call with your friends, family and colleagues. For example, plan with your friends when you call. That way you stay in touch and you don't completely isolate yourself from the world.

10. Be kind to yourself

Do what you can to take care of yourself, but don't pressure yourself to continue as if everything is normal. This is not it and it is okay to feel it. You do your best and that is more than enough.