10 Reasons why you should stay in bed today

12 May 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

10 Reasons why you should stay in bed today

© Grazia 10 Reasons why you should stay in bed today

Day in, day out, it is always the same tune. Everyone dreams of staying in bed all day and just doing nothing. In fact, that is very permissible. Here are 10 reasons why.

1) You are super environmentally conscious #CaringAboutOurPlanet

Staying in bed means that the heating does not have to be higher, you do not get into a car and you also jump not in the shower. So yes.

2) A bed is incredibly expensive, so it's a shame not to use it

Just think about it: a nice IKEA bed: € 179, -. A good mattress: € 150. Duvet: € 79. cushions: € 50. Sheets and pillowcases: € 39. Is it ticking properly and not making optimal use of it? Hell no.


3) It's already very busy in the city

You can go out, but nobody will be happy about that . When you get there, it gets even busier. Because of this, people have to wait longer in stores and it is busier on the train and you still want to stay in your bed. Is better for everyone.

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4) You pay good money for your Netflix, Disney + and Videoland accounts

It is really a shame not to use it. Certainly if you realize that you haven't watched the rest of the week. Social life also continues. So just lie back and go bing all day long!


5) Those drinks from last night also hack into a lot

And there you have to just relax for an hour (or nine).

6) It is still cold outside

It is cold, it rains and it storms. Your hair will blow right away as soon as you take one step outside, so why bother at all?


7) Most accidents happen in the house

So if you stay in your bed, you run a much lower risk of tripping over something or accidentally electrocuting yourself. You never know what happens.

8) People are not made to stand or sit on a chair all day long

But on the other hand ...


9) Your bed is actually super lonely every day

You spend the whole week on the road. If it is not work, then it is study. If it is not chilling with friends, then it is visiting family. And where does your bed stay in this story? Only use it in the middle of the night when you have nobody else. Can't make you.

10) We can wrap things around it, but most of all it's just very nice!

Nice in your soft bed. With a soft pajama pants or chille sweatpants, disappear under the covers. Is there anything better than that?


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