10 Reasons why your mom is the best

17 Jun 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

10 Reasons why your mom is the best

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Although we get to know a lot of people, there is one person in our life that we can always rely on. From the moment you enter her life she is indispensable. And yes, of course we are talking about our mother! Especially for Mother's Day: 10 reasons why your mother is the best.

10 reasons

1. She Seen You at Your Best and Worst Moments Maybe you just couldn't stand her during puberty, but despite the moments when you might be acting horribly, she was there for you.

2. She supports your wildest dreams Your mom is your biggest fan. As unrealistic as your goals may be, she always wants you to find your own happiness.

3. Mother / daughter days are the best Spending time with your mom is great. You know each other through and through and therefore know exactly what you both like to do.

4. You can talk to her about anything. If there was a price for dear listener, we would like to give it to our mother. She always shows interest and doesn't find any subject too boring.

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5. You can always contact her. If something bothers you, you always know how to reach her. Even in the middle of the night you can call her for a little advice.

6. She always knows how to cheer you up. After a long day at work, there is a cup of tea and some goodies waiting for you and if you have partied a little too hard, she is the one who will bring an aspirin and breakfast in bed. Mothers know exactly what you need!

7. You are honest with each other. You have no secrets from each other and know that you can trust each other. Your mother will always say what it says on the page.

8. She knows exactly what you like After years of shopping together, your mom knows exactly what your style is. As soon as she has a present for you, you know it's a nice thing!

9. Your bond is getting closer and closer You know how to appreciate her more and more and you show her that, and vice versa.

10. You learned a lot from her and she learned from you! So she taught you how to do laundry and you explained how a smartphone works.

And of course not to forget: you love each other dearly! What makes your mother so special?