10 Signs that you are ready for a holiday

12 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

10 Signs that you are ready for a holiday

© Grazia 10 Signs that you are ready for a holiday

Do several of these signs look familiar to you? Then it's time to take a good rest. And not just a little too.


1 / You have snoozed (at least) three times this morningÂ

Getting out of bed has not been possible for weeks.

2 / You are ALWAYS tired

And that means real con-ti-nu now.

3 / You have not had any motivation to exercise for three months now

Because you really do not have the energy for that.

4 / The only sunset you have recently seen was in a movie

Long live the nine to five office life.

5 / You haven't posted anything on Instagram for months

Because you really don't have anything besides work have done. And Bali is a little more photogenic than the cloudy sky in Holland.

6 / You go to work with the flu

So much to do, so little time ...

7 / Your foundation is too dark for your light skin

 Because you have a significant shortage of sunlight.

8 / You drink 4+ cups of coffee a dayÂ

Because being productive is no longer possible without it.

9 / Every evening you sit at the red wine

You are ready for that after that debilitating working day.

10 / You fall asleep with your laptop on your lap

Not once, but every night again.

In short: when the time has come, it is good to double check your vacation days.

Source: Marie Claire Image: Why Did I Get Married