10 Struggles that every woman recognizes in warm weather

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

10 Struggles that every woman recognizes in warm weather

& # 169; Grazia 10 Struggles that every woman recognizes in warm weather

The warm weather has arrived! But that also brings with it quite a few problems that we women recognize all too well.

1. Your legs must constantly shave

Now that your white legs are finally going to see sunlight again, your cultured leg hair must also be removed. So that will be back every day with your razor.

2. Stubble, sigh ...

And no matter how much you want to keep them smooth, shaving every day makes your legs anything but soft. It will only become really smooth when you wait a while. The struggle is real.

3. Melting face

You make up nicely, so that you can radiate out onto the terrace, but before you know it your makeup is everywhere. Nothing as bad as melted makeup.

4. Aaaaand they're gone

Do you also raise your eyebrows when the weather is nice? Then beware of wiping away sweat. Before you know it, you also wipe your eyebrows away.

5. Callus, bah

Since you have to go back to the sandals with your bare feet, you will really have to remove all that dirty callus. Nothing more dirty than seeing someone take care of his feet badly. Brr.

6. Stubborn nail polish

Your toenails have also been comfortable in thick socks all winter. So that nail polish that has been peeling on your toenails for half a year, you should roughen it off now.

7. Sweaty boobs

Bah, almost nothing as dirty as sticky and wet breasts trapped in your tight tank top. And not to mention the sweaty spots of it.

8. Neck sweat

Want to wear your beautiful sultry loose? Well, not if you like sticky neck sweat.

9. I'm stuck!

Sit on a chair or bench with your sweaty legs and buttocks. Such a thing! Then quickly leave and hope that there is no print of your buttock to see.

10. Bikini line drama

Your lady garden should also believe it. Shave it girl!

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