10 things you should never do in Japan

26 Sep 2023Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

10 things you should never do in Japan

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Japan is stunningly beautiful during the fall. The Japanese gardens in Kyoto and Tokyo are more magical than ever during the fall discolourations. If you have planned a trip to Japan, then you should pay attention. You shouldn't do these things in Japan

1. Wearing shoes at home

Before you step inside you always take off your shoes. The Japanese don't like it when you enter their floors and tatami mats with your dirty shoes full of dust and bacteria. Many Japanese houses have a kind of shoe cabinet, called genkan, where you can leave them, often there are also slippers for you. Please note, you may not enter the tatami mats with slippers.

2. Go to the toilet with your normal slippers

Yes, if you step from the living room to the toilet you can replace your 'normal' slippers for toilet slippers. There is a good chance that you will forget to change slippers once during your trip, but that will happen only once.

3. Dirty in the bath

In Japan, bathing is not related to cleaning. After your body has been washed and scrubbed, immerse yourself in the bath to soak and relax.

4. Ongoing food and drink

Moving while you take something is really a no-go in Japan. You take the time and stand or sit still for a while when you eat or drink. Japan has a vending machine in almost every street with the craziest snacks and drinks, but even if you want to eat them, you are expected to stand still or sit down.

5. Watering your rice in the soy sauce

Rice is served in Japan for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Japanese don't serve soy sauce over rice. Rice is meant to neutralize flavors.

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