10x what you should not do during a fire alarm in a hotel

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10x what you should not do during a fire alarm in a hotel

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An emergency situation is not the first thing you think of when on holiday. Yet it is not surprising to think about it. Adjust the fire alarm in the hotel where you stay with your partner or family. What are you doing then? And what should you not do? We give you ten important tips.

1. Do not go on holiday unprepared

Have you ever talked - with your family - about an emergency during a holiday? It is not really an obvious subject that you talk about when you go on vacation. Yet it is not surprising to also consider serious issues such as fire safety. Talk to your family about this in a light-hearted way. This prevents a lot of panic when, for example, a fire alarm goes off in the hotel. Even when the alarm is false. Also read these ten tips for a successful car vacation, so that you are better prepared for your vacation.

2. Don't forget your flashlight

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A flashlight? Do you only take that with you when you go camping? A flashlight does not take up a lot of space. So why not take it with you. Suppose a power failure occurs due to fire. Then you are happy that you have a flashlight with you. That way you don't have to walk through dark corridors and stairwells. Make sure you place the lamp in a fixed place. When the alarm goes off, you cannot start searching again quietly. Many smartphones also have a lamp as an extra tool. Download the flashlight app, always handy in the event of a power failure.

3. Don't forget to check the escape routes: they are not for nothing

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There are escape route maps for situations such as a fire alarm or other emergency in every hotel. Of course you don't have to memorize this card, but it doesn't hurt to take a look at it. See where the nearest emergency exits are. Do not use the lift in the event of a fire. There are illuminated signs in the corridors of the hotel. These show you the way via a safe route. Know where to go in case of an emergency. Also read these five things you should do immediately after checking in at a hotel.

4. Do not leave your cell phone in the room

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Do you have to leave the hotel? Then don't forget to take your phone with you. Unless it is an emergency situation and you must collect immediately. After all, safety comes first. But if it is possible, pick up the telephone. Perhaps there is an emergency situation and you want to call the home front or inform your fellow holiday makers. If only for a short "okay app".

5. Don't forget to meet up with your family or friends

In the event of a fire alarm you may not be together at that moment. Maybe the children are with the animation team or some friends went swimming. Arrange a meeting place before you start your activities. For example the hotel parking space or the central reception. That way you will always find each other again. Also useful if you go on holiday with small children. Make sure they know where they can go if they have lost you.

6. Never assume a false alarm

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There are people who assume that a fire alarm is a false alarm. They stay calm in the hotel room, take a bath or watch TV. Do not take a risk because it could just be a real fire emergency. Take every fire alarm seriously. Even if there is a fire drill, you must follow all the rules.

7. Do not throw your shoes under the bed

If the fire alarm goes off, you usually have to go to the assembly point. This is stated on the flight route map. Situations such as fire or other emergency situations always happen unexpectedly. This can be early in the morning but also in the middle of the night. You may have to leave the hotel as soon as possible. That is why it is handy to put your shoes in a visible place. This way you avoid having to go to the assembly point barefoot. You never know where you can walk. So keep your shoes close.

8. Don't forget to put your keys in an accessible place

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In panic situations such as a fire alarm you react very differently than normal. There is a strong tendency to run out of the hotel room quickly. But what if all your keys are still in the room? It is possible that a situation arises in which you must return to your hotel room quickly. Oops, you are standing in front of a closed door. What if you are not allowed in the room anymore? Then at least you have your car and house keys at hand. If you intentionally put them in the same place during your vacation, you will immediately have them in an emergency.

9. Don't just run out of the room

If the fire alarm goes off in the hotel it is important that you don't run out of the room in blind panic. You do not know what is happening behind your hotel door. There may be a fire on your floor or in the hallway. It is not wise to run into the corridor. What you can do is to keep the back of your hand close to the door handle. That way you can feel any warmth. Is it safe? Then you leave the room and ensure that everyone ends up safely at the meeting point.

10. Do not panic

Do not panic sounds easier of course than it is. Try to remain calm when the fire alarm goes off. You now know where the escape routes are. You also know where to find the meeting place. And you have made agreements with your family or friends where you can find each other again. Keep your head cool and follow the instructions. To reassure: research shows that in 95% of the cases there appears to be a false alarm. Liranda also experienced this during her stay at Hotel van der Valk Harderwijk: 'The last night we were woken up around 5.10 am by the evacuation alarm. Quickly put on some clothes and went to the reception. Once there, it turned out to be a false alarm. "