12 Recognizable moments for everyone who is bad with numbers

06 Oct 2022Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

12 Recognizable moments for everyone who is bad with numbers

© Editorial Marie Claire 12 Recognizable moments for anyone who is bad with numbers

Just as quickly calculating how much discount you get on an item in the store is not for you. Are you also not good with numbers? Then you definitely recognize these things.


1. The only thing you used to use a calculator for in the past is this:

lol + lol = hihi. Because actually calculating something, well, that just wasn't for you.

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2. As an adult, you are still in stress if you have to solve a problem.

3. That's why you can check even the simplest sum on your phone.

4. If someone else calculates something out loud, the chance is 100% ...

... that you have no idea what that person is talking about. Let alone that you can check whether it is correct.

5. Remembering house numbers is sometimes an impossible task

Even ten seconds after you have looked up the address. Was it now Frits Burgerstraat 81, 18 or 152?

6. If you have to figure out who ate and drank what after a night out

It feels like your head is exploding. You are always the first to suggest sending someone 'a little bit'.

7. No further explanation needed: filing the tax return is absolute hell

You'd rather dismantle a bomb.

8. You always have too much trouble calculating a person's age ...

... when you hear their year of birth. "Oh, you're from 1998 ... then you are now ... eh ... 9?"

9. Or in the cinema ... "Ah the film lasts 178 minutes, that is a long one"

How many minutes are there in an hour? In any case, you count surprisingly often on your fingers.

10. Monopoly is ALWAYS a bad idea ...

Certainly if you have to be the bank.

11. While shopping: "33% off ... ah ... that's ... 1 / 3rd of the price!"

12. You have no idea how people can work in Excel.

Conclusion: numbers, numbers and numbers just have to be systematically eliminated! And have a little more respect for the dyscalculia victims.