13 moments you recognize when you sleep next to a snorer

15 May 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

13 moments you recognize when you sleep next to a snorer

© Grazia 13 moments you recognize when you sleep next to a snorer

Not everyone is so lucky that they sleep next to someone who makes no noise. Do you also sleep next to a snorer? Then you will undoubtedly recognize these 13 moments.

Recognizable moments

1. Sleeping together: it seems so cozy.

Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. At night you wake up at least five times because you think you are in bed with a chainsaw. Not to mention the constant pulling of the blankets ...

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2. If you have a snoring partner, respect you. That's hell.

Life is not always about rose scent and moonshine.

3. Not for the person lying next to you, who grunts happily.

Unfortunately that is not the case for you.

4. You have had to make sound recordings several times.

Your partner is absolutely convinced that he is silent in his sleep. Fortunately, we have evidence with audio recordings.

5. The next morning your partner asks rested: "Did you sleep well?"

Not really. Fortunately he was, it was heard.

6. You have already taken a million measures to stop snoring.

Will it never end?

7. Giving the snorer a 'subtle' push ...

Oops ...

8. To all kinds of medicines that should stop snoring for good.

But that snoring can't be stopped just like that, unfortunately.

9. Grandma Weet Raad is now your most visited website.

Well, you have to do something.

10. You have sometimes considered sleeping in a different room.

But yes, that is also so uncomfortable.

11. And so you endlessly pray that you will fall asleep earlier than your partner.

Which almost never happens.

12. In the meantime, waiting for the magical moment to stop snoring.

Even if only for a short while.

13. In other words; sleeping next to a snorer is top sport.

We should get a medal.

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