14 Things that women find annoying about men

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14 Things that women find annoying about men

& # 169; Grazia 14 Things that women find annoying about men

Men come from Mars and women from Venus. No matter how much we love them, men can sometimes be very annoying and sometimes we don't understand them. Almost every woman finds these traits annoying! Recognizable ladies?

1. Not knowing how to do the simplest things. His idea of ??doing the dishes is to look at it until it cleans itself.

2. Let farting and then continue your conversation without shame.

3. The same story applies to farmers ...

4. If he uses your laptop because he is too lazy to grab his own.

5. You know exactly when he shaved because the sink is full of hairs.

6. And he does complain that you have to take your long hair out of the carpet.

7. When he pretends to listen, but obviously he doesn't. Do you want to put out the trash? Honey, I'm pregnant! Hey fine, now I have your attention ...

8. When he lets his dirty underpants swing through the bedroom. Not exactly "this is where the magic happens" ...

9. When he complains that you are not his mother.

10. That while he himself sometimes behaves like a little toddler.

11. He can literally fall asleep anywhere, anytime.

12. If you ask him to take something from the supermarket, he will always come home with the wrong thing.

13. As soon as his plate is empty, he starts yours. If he asks "are you going to eat that?", It will have disappeared from your plate before you can answer.

14. If you are visiting and he asks you every five minutes if you can go home.

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