15 Recognizable moments for people who are a bit lazy

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15 Recognizable moments for people who are a bit lazy

© Grazia 15 Recognizable moments for people who are laid out a bit lazily

Do you prefer to relax on the couch at home with a bag of chips or a glass of wine in your hand? Then you will certainly recognize these fifteen moments. Scroll if you have the puff.


1. You order pizza far too often, because cooking is too much of a hassle.

Home delivery runs overtime because of you.

2. Vaat regularly piles up in your kitchen, because doing the dishes or putting the dishwasher in is even more hassle.

"I'll do it tomorrow."

3. You watch the craziest programs on TV because you are too lazy to get up and grab the remote control.

You have already seen all the conspiracy theory documentaries on Discovery.

4. You wait as long as you want with the laundry until you have nothing left to put on.

So take your favorite shirt out of the laundry basket again.

5. If you finally do the laundry, then you are too lazy to take it out.

Another case of: "I'll do it tomorrow."

6. Because you left your laundry in it for so long, all items are full of creases. But ironing? Ho but.

"Nobody sees those creases."

7. You clean up your mess so that no one sees that you have mess.

But deep inside, somewhere in that closet, a bomb has exploded.

8. You leave your bike with a flat tire for a very long time.

Then just walk.

9. And then finally not sticking the tire yourself, but to the bicycle repair shop,

No way you will get your hands dirty.

10. You have the feeling that the concept 'lying on the couch' has been invented for you.

You are a star in it.

11. Almost immediately after you get out of bed in the morning you think about the moment to get back in the evening.

Or in the afternoon, that is of course also possible.

12. You postpone things until it eventually becomes night and hurry work.

Again: "I'll do it tomorrow."

13. You think a lot about sports, but you don't get further than 'thinking about'.

That sofa is nicely comfortable.

14. "Honey, do you want to declare my drink?"

"I'm too far away."

15. Pffff, no more sense to come up with number 15.

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