1980s: Clothing and accessories for men

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1980s: Clothing and accessories for men

© Pixabay 1980s: Clothing

The first major blockbusters hit theaters, MTV is founded and the Walkman is the gadget of the moment. We are of course talking about the eighties. The decade was where pop stars like Michael Jackson, Madonna and Queen topped the charts. Nowadays we see more and more trends and clothing from the 80s reflected in the street scene. We encourage one, while the other should have been omitted. Fortunately, there is something for everyone.

Everyday 80's clothing

Men's 80s casual clothing is what we see most often today. A "dad" jeans, simple shirt and white sneakers. Maybe a denim jacket for the double denim trend. The shops are now full of it again. The shirt with more color and busy prints are now completely hip again. Another important trend that dates from the 1980s is the wearing of sportswear in everyday life. Nowadays it is completely back.

Birth of the yuppies

The yup comes and goes, but was born in the 80's. The motto of these young urban professionals comes from Gordon Gekko from the classic Wall Street: 'Greed is good'. A movie that is definitely worth it if you have never seen it. Back to the yup, who is materialistic, young and lives in the city. Suits with a good stripe, shirts in pastel shades and suspenders of course.

The alternative sound

Of course, not everyone was a yup. Precisely the countermovement was also on the rise. Rockers, punks and squatters. Long hair and comb combs. In terms of clothing recognizable by leather jackets and of course boxes. Maybe today we can no longer escape that longer coupe and those outfits are also coming back more and more. Demonstrating is going to be a bit tricky at the moment, of course, but luckily that can also be done online.

Summer fashion and accessories

Lots of pastel shades in the clothing of the 80s. it is back in the store. Proof that the years are back. Furthermore, gold chains, a legacy of hip hop, and large sunglasses. The quick planga. What we do not necessarily have to see are the croptops for men. Yes, this was definitely one thing. One thing that may remain in the last century as far as we are concerned.