3 Handy apps that simplify your busy life

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

3 Handy apps that simplify your busy life

© Marie Claire 3 Useful apps that simplify your busy life

Schedules, administration, to-do lists, free time: these apps make your busy life just that little bit easier.

1 / Stylebook

This app saves you hours of work in front of your wardrobe by helping you put together your work outfit. Handy, because women who look well cared for perform better at work, research shows. You enter all items from your wardrobe (is just a job) and then you mix and match all kinds of looks in no time, which you can then categorize and place in a calendar. This way you plan in advance which set you wear to which meeting, and you avoid having to wear the same blouse twice during a meeting with your client.

Therefore handy: Because you plan outfits a week in advance, you suddenly have time for a good cup of coffee in the morning. € 4.49.

2 / 1Password

The app 1Password does what the name suggests: save all your passwords in a safe, with only one master password can be opened. Among other things, you can enter the login codes of social media, credit card details and secret notes. With the paid version, it is also possible to share safes with, for example, colleagues, so that business-sensitive information is accessible everywhere but still safe. Also nice: if you are bad at inventing passwords, you can have the app generate one.

Therefore handy: From now on you only have to remember one stunner of a password, the rest you keep safe under lock and key. Free.


If your smartphone is sabotaging your productivity, the OFFTIME app is for you. For example, Android users can set up a digital detox, where all other apps, internet and phone calls are temporarily blocked - so that you simply cannot be distracted anymore. In addition, the app keeps a close eye on what you spend the most time on your phone, allowing you to tackle bad habits. Not only while working, but also useful if you want to turn off your work.

Therefore handy: During important meetings you will never receive cat pictures and Snapchat updates from friends. € 0.99

Image: Jason Lloyd-Evans