3 scientifically proven reasons why moms make us happy

12 May 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

3 scientifically proven reasons why moms make us happy

© Editors Marie Claire 3 scientifically proven reasons why mothers make us happy

So spoil her extra, today. We already knew that mothers make our lives a lot better. Yet here are three scientifically proven reasons that show that mothers really make us happier. Good excuse to spoil your mother even more today.

1. She calms you down

A CNN study shows that mothers calm us down. A phone call of only ten minutes with your mother can already reduce stress. Why is that? Hearing her voice releases a happiness hormone into your body.

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2. She makes you smarter

Because your mother gives you her love, your hippocampus (or the part of your brain that is important for learning and remembering) gets bigger. In other words, your mother can use her warmth and concern to make you smarter and less stressed.

3. She makes sure you get better relationships.

Were you close to your mother as a teenager? Good news. Research shows that you have a faster chance of better love relationships. For example, the participants who had a good relationship with their parents were less likely to argue with their partner in the study. In addition, they were also more satisfied in their relationship. Score!