3x spend the weekend at home

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3x spend the weekend at home

© Beau Monde Spending the weekend at home 3 times

The question that comes up every Friday is probably answered by: going out with friends, visiting family, a trip or dinner in your favorite restaurant. But what do you do if these activities are not possible?

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Unwind completely or discover new talents, Pulitzer Amsterdam shares 3 tips for a wonderful weekend at home. #stay home

1. Dive into the kitchen.

If you can't go to your favorite restaurant, you can bring the restaurant home. Now is the time to try new dishes. Bring a little Pulitzer to your dining table and opt for the Croque Monsieur, also known as the Pulitzer Tosti, with a creamy Gruyere cheese sauce. The full Pulitzer Tosti recipe can be found in the Pulitzer Newspaper.

2. Time for yourself

Relaxation is important during these difficult times. Read that book you never seemed to have time for or relax completely with the Pulitzer Mindfulness Sessions and start or end your day full of positive energy. The meditations can be listened to via the SoundCloud page of Pulitzer Amsterdam. Welcome the positive vibes!

3. Upgrade your home

Another way to give yourself and your home an extra boost is to rearrange your interior. Upgrade your living room to a hotel and create the homely Pulitzer vibe by choosing the recognizable yellow plaid or the lovely smelling Le Labo Santal26 scented candle. The unique Pulitzer items are available through the Pulitzer Home website. Need tips? Check out '5x ways to make your home feel like a hotel' through the Pulitzer Newspaper.