4 self-care tips for men

06 Oct 2022Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

4 self-care tips for men

© Shutterstock Moisturizer needs to be in the fridge

You are probably not using your self-care products optimally. There are in fact ways to make them work better and longer. Do your looks and your wallet a favor and follow these four tips:

1. Keep your moisturizer in the fridge. It may sound strange, but it really works. Moisturizer from the fridge works like a cold compress and cools your skin. This is good for morning symptoms such as puffy eyes and skin redness.

2. Use less shaving cream. Try using a third of your usual amount. A dot the size of a 2 Euro coin is enough. Add some water and rub it into a supple foam that is lighter than undiluted shaving cream, allowing you to shave closer to the skin - with better results for your face and wallet.

3. Keep your perfume in a cool, dark place. Perfume does not get better like wine with the years. Light and heat diminish the quality of your scents, so keep them in a dark cupboard away from heat sources.

4. Store your razor blades correctly The place where most people store their razor blades - with the blade down in the shower - is also the worst. Due to the moisture, the blades become blunt and bacteria can easily multiply, so that you might get an infection the next time you shave. Keep your razor blades in a dry place with the knife up.