4 Tips to make your lips look bigger easily

06 Oct 2022Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

4 Tips to make your lips look bigger easily

© Beau Monde 4 Tips to make your lips look bigger easily

If you were not born with lips such as Angelina Jolie, you could also give nature a hand. And no, we are not talking about botox, fillers or other forms of plastic surgery. Make-up artists have now revealed how you can create your dream lips with much more volume with make-up. Do you take notes?

1. Go for a nude, pink or peach-colored lipstick

According to celebrity makeup artist Matin, a lighter lipstick color provides a fuller effect for the lips. "However, the product must be darker than the skin color, because it would otherwise make the lips disappear. A beige, pink or peach-colored lipstick does wonders for fuller lips."

2. Don't forget the corners

If you use a darker lip pencil for the outer edges of the lips, and a lighter color on the inside, you create an optically fuller effect according to Matin.

3. A wink to natural

According to Lori Leib, creative director at Bodygraphy Professional Cosmetics, the ultimate tip for fuller lips is to use a lip product that is two shades darker than your natural lip color. "Stay with a natural lip color; not too pale or too bright."

4. Brown gives a boost

Leib: "My favorite tool for creating a fuller lip is a lip pencil. I use a brown pencil around the edges of the lips. I will go over the edges a little bit Then I fill the lips with a pink-brown color. "