4 ways to deal with dramaqueens

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

4 ways to deal with dramaqueens

© Shutterstock Some people always seem to have drama in their lives. Do they ever recommend to themselves or especially to you?

Everyone has drama in their lives and where are you without your friends? Unfortunately there are also people where there is always drama and you gradually get tired of hearing all the heavy emotions. Often the drama queens among our friends are too dear to say goodbye to them and they can also be very pleasant. It is important that you learn to deal with it in such a way that it does not affect you negatively. This can be done in this way:

Don't get too carried away

When your boyfriend or girlfriend is rattling through and is starting to repeat, this can be very tiring. Don't go along too much. Listen, but keep thinking rationally. Your conversation partner will also benefit from that.

Focus on the facts

When emotions prevail, you often lose the overall picture of a situation. Drama queens often tell how they experienced something and how they feel. You can only give good advice if you know exactly what actually happened. It is only when you focus on the facts that you can put things into perspective.

Set your limits

If you notice that your boyfriend or girlfriend always seems to have drama, but not with himself but consult you, explain that it doesn't work that way. When it starts to disturb your peace, because you get appalled all day long, then indicate where your limit is. Moreover, nothing is solved this way.

Be critical

In a good friendship you can take criticism from each other. Do you notice that your boyfriend or girlfriend has a certain pattern that almost always leads to drama? Then tell what you think goes wrong and explain which solutions lie with the person himself. With nothing but nagging you do not solve anything. It may sound loud, but afterwards they will be grateful.