5 fantastic ideas for a Japanese garden

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

5 fantastic ideas for a Japanese garden

Creating a Japanese garden is a venture that in many cases you will outsource to a gardener. But of course it is of great importance that you yourself have the best ideas to get started. And as you are used to from homify, we are happy to help you with that! We have selected very nice examples and take the time to take a good look at it. After all, you don't have to make a decision now, that is also perfectly possible in the spring! And then you can completely relax in your own Japanese garden next summer, a great prospect!


© homify / Van Mierlo Tuinen | Exclusive Garden Designs Water

A Japanese garden is all about harmony and tranquility. An ideal garden to relax in. That is only possible, but of course such a beautiful garden also invites you to enjoy a pleasant (summer) day with family and friends. Water is often a crucial part of a Japanese garden. A beautiful pond as shown here forms the basis around which a beautiful environment has been created. In this case, the whole is completed in a fantastic way by a beautiful covered veranda. Certainly with the garden fireplace that can be found there, you can enjoy a lot of pleasant evenings.

More inspiration

© homify / Kirchner Garten & Teich GmbH More inspiration

We will of course show you such a beautiful large Japanese garden to give you even more inspiration. The plants that you see here can give you very good ideas. And of course pay attention to that beautiful bridge. If you have the possibilities and especially the space to install something like this in the garden (or have it installed), then you should definitely not miss that opportunity. Imagine yourself completely unwinding in this garden ...

Koi carps

© homify / Bouwhuis en Tuin gardeners company Koikarpers

In a Japanese garden, a water feature is certainly recommended, but if you really want to make it complete, koi carp should of course not be missing. Of course, make sure that these pricey fish also have an environment in which they can live well. So good water quality is important and make sure that these beautiful fish are not just taken by birds or cats. That would of course be a shame! Ask a garden center or another specialist about what could be the best solution for your garden.

With gravel

© homify / Gärten für die Seele - Harald Lebender With gravel

We know that it is not always an option to create water features. Gravel can also be a very good option to use when creating a Japanese garden! Just look at this photo. Of course it is fantastic to combine that with beautiful boulders. And that beautiful natural stone bench that you can see in the background is very worthwhile. Highly recommended to keep an idea like this in mind.

A Japanese roof terrace!

© homify / japan-garten-kultur A Japanese roof terrace!

If you do not have access to a garden, but you do have a beautiful roof terrace like this, it is certainly advisable to start thinking about a Japanese roof terrace. Isn't this another picture to see? And especially with the amazing view that you have here. A beautiful piece of Asia in Europe. What a pleasure to fully enjoy the weather here in the summer ... !! We see ourselves here completely, does that also apply to you? And haven't you gotten tired of all those beautiful Japanese gardens in the meantime? Then we can certainly make you happy with this article!