5 recognizable types that you encounter at every campsite

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

5 recognizable types that you encounter at every campsite

If you camp regularly, you will already recognize them from a kilometer away: types that appear to be found on every campsite. From irritating all-weather to your new best friends neighbors. These are the most recognizable types during a camping holiday. © Offered by Zoover Media BV

The experiential expert

When you are at a new campsite in France for the first time, it is time to orientate yourself, which is often accompanied by a searching eye. But no worries! At almost every campsite there is at the same time an experienced expert who answers all your questions (which you may or may not have asked) with love. For example, that you shouldn't get your bread from the camping shop, but from that nice bakery away. "We always take those kaiser rolls. You must do it too! " And don't forget to check out that beautiful beach, where you have to order the specialty at beach bar X. "Do you?" Not to mention the knowledge he or she has about the campsite itself. 'Now the plumbing looks good, yes. But I do remember that in the past ... ' Â © Offered by Zoover Media BV

The new best friends neighbors

Enough topics to get into conversation with your temporary camping neighbors. And once the time has come, it is only a matter of time before the bottles of wine come to the table. Before you know it you are engaged in a pleasant conversation that continues into the late hours. Cosiness knows no time! You are talking about issues that you might not even discuss with your own neighbors. Together at the campsite, in a different environment, that creates a bond. And when the kids 'play together so nicely', your vacation planning is largely determined. Then that vacation on the beautiful Lake Garda really flies! Certainly at cozy campsites such as Camping Du Parc or the large-scale Camping Fornella. Actually quite cozy ...

The 'I take everything from home' campers

Holidays may entail a different environment, yet some types put a lot of effort into the atmosphere of home, literally, in the suitcase to stop. Certainly when people have been coming to the same campsite for so long that they have come to regard it as home. A television in the awning of the cinema format, (of course with the corresponding volume) more kitchen utensils than an average restaurant and an always visible washing line that is used to much pressure. Home is where the heart is. And where your familiar things are are, of course. Â © Offered by Zoover Media BV

The understanding neighbors

When you finally arrive at your final destination after a long drive, the next phase comes: setting up the tent. While the children shiver with tiredness or are impatient because they really want to start playing, you look at the neighbors with a slanted eye. Would they be bothered by all that noise? Not with the type of understanding neighbors. Often a sweet couple with an impeccable camping place whose children have been out of the house for a long time. "Ours have also been young," they say with a wink. They are also always up for a chat, but never in a disruptive or intrusive way. Nothing seems to disturb their relaxing holiday in the Dordogne. You want such neighbors! © Offered by Zoover Media BV

The chat maker

You often recognize him from a kilometer away: a man who is clearly looking for contact. And more specifically: to be speaking for a very long time! When you nod friendly, the damage has already been done. Unsolicited you get information about the campsite and the surrounding area, or the chat maker tells the wildest stories, he gives advice about sports, nutrition and other topics that you are not waiting for. The remaining vacation becomes a sport to avoid that person as much as possible, which of course almost never succeeds.