5 time-saving beauty hacks that you need in the morning

18 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

5 time-saving beauty hacks that you need in the morning

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Do you have chronic time in the morning and is it therefore just too much trouble to look cared for? Then you probably don't know the next time-saving beauty hacks. By adding these tips to your routine, you ensure that you walk out the door in no time and that people think that you have done your best.

1. Day cream with highlighter

Do you look tired in the morning, even if you sleep 8 hours a night? Then a highlighter is exactly what you need to make your dull skin radiant. To save time, mix your day cream with a drop of liquid highlighter for an all over glow.

2. Dry shampoo

Nothing is as annoying as waking up with oily hair and having no time to wash it. Use dry shampoo! This product absorbs the natural oils, making your hair look a lot fresher.

3. Eye roller

No time to put cold spoons on your eyes so early to remove the swelling around your eyes? Make sure you always have an eye roller in your home. Such a product often has a metal ball that feels cool under your eyes. Ideal!

4. Lipstick as a blush

Use your beauty products in different ways to save time. This way you can use a lipstick as a blush and as a tan on your lips. Blend the color with your fingers. Voilà: a delicious blush on your cheeks!

5. Mascara as an eyeliner

Can't you do without a black line around your eyes? Then mascara is a good go-to option. Apply the mascara to your eyelash curler and curl your eyelashes while at the same time making your eyelash starter blacker.