5 times Before and After of an interior design

17 Jun 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

5 times Before and After of an interior design

Designing an interior is an art that many experts that can be found with us understand very well. But often you get very nice examples that are already ready-made. It is of course also very nice to see how the situation has been before. That is why we have listed the best "Before's" and "After's" of various spaces in very different houses. A very inspiring overview that may also encourage you to do things completely different with your interior.

Before and after: the bedroom

© homify / Marcotte Style Before and after: the bedroom

Our first image shows at a glance both the before and the after: a bedroom that has undergone a major metamorphosis. The nice thing is that some elements have been reused, but are now much more effective. In this case a fine piece of work by the Belgian experts of Marcottestyle. Now a place to sleep or relax!

For: depressing kitchen

© homify / Germano de Castro Pinheiro, Lda For: depressing kitchen < p>

Creating a new design for the kitchen can also be very rewarding work. Especially if you find such an outdated situation as here. Demolishing and rebuilding is the only solution to turn the tide.

After: beautiful modern kitchen

© homify / Germano de Castro Pinheiro , Lda Na: beautiful modern kitchen

You really don't recognize this space anymore! What a beautiful modern kitchen has been created here. And even if it is a narrow space, there is certainly no shortage of countertops and cabinets. It was also a very sensible choice to make everything white: this has made the kitchen much lighter.

For: outdated bathroom

© homify / CLM Arredamento For: outdated bathroom

If you need to get ready to go to work every day in this bathroom, that's not the most uplifting moment of the day, let alone if you're still just want to relax before you go to sleep ... It should be better too!

After: bathroom with wow effect

© homify / CLM Arredamento After: bathroom with wow effect

In the new situation it is safe to speak of a bathroom with the wow effect. A wonderfully light and luxurious environment where you can spend many hours sweet. Relax in the shower and thanks to the bidet you can also go clean after a visit to the toilet. Also pay attention to all mirrors and the perfectly sophisticated lighting. It has become a picture.

For: getting to work with the breaker

© homify / TTAB (Tjade Timmer Architect & Bouwadvies) For: with the demolition hammer at work

A redesign can be small or very large. When you immediately see the new situation of this living room, you hardly recognize it. Here you see a very dated mantelpiece where the demolition hammer should be used. But of course it would be a shame to let the fireplace go. Let's take a quick look at the new situation.

After: an extension

© homify / TTAB (Tjade Timmer Architect & Bouwadvies) After: an extension < p>

After the renovation you can see that an extension has been placed so that the narrow living room has 'more air'. The fireplace has returned in a modern version. One element has remained: that is the door to the corridor that has been repainted.

For: removing wallpaper

© homify / Géraldine Laferté Before: remove wallpaper

Remove wallpaper and also strip the rest of a room. That was necessary here to rebuild the whole lot. Let's quickly forget this misery and look at the new situation.

After: nice workroom

© homify / Géraldine Laferté After: nice workroom

< / p>

This nice office can also be transformed into a bedroom. The desk folds up and you can turn the bench into a bed in no time. This gives you access to a beautifully furnished multifunctional space! Do you want to see more nice changes in the meantime? You can do this by clicking here.