5 tips to get rid of static hair

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

5 tips to get rid of static hair

© Marjolein van de Munt 5 tips for getting rid of static hair

Do you look like a mad scientist after wearing a hat or scarf? Yes, it's winter again and that means static hair. That is why the editors list five tips for you, so that you can just wear that nice (woolen) beret, without your hair going in all directions.


Static hair is caused as two similar, dry rub materials against each other. This causes electrons to be bumped from one surface (for example, a cap) to the other (your hair), causing a brighter head of hair.


For anyone with medium to long hair, static hair is a recurring problem - especially in cold, dry winter weather. Because no matter how often you go over it with a straightener, once your hair is static, your hair will continue to stand in all directions. With these five easy tips you can easily bring your hair back into tone.

1. Use moisturizing shampoo

During dry seasons, such as the winter, the air is a lot less moist and it is important to use a moisturizing (moisturizing) shampoo. This prevents your hair from becoming extra brittle.

2. Oil

According to hairdresser Alex Brown, a nourishing oil would be the solution. It is important to use the oil if your hair is wet (for example after a wash). Wet hair can absorb oil better and also ensures that it has less chance of becoming static.

3. An "ionic" hair dryer

The ion technology, which is used in ionic hair dryers among other things, ensures that the negative rays, which cause static hair, are removed during blow drying. Another plus: your hair looks shinier.

4. Clean your hairbrushes

Just like your make-up brushes, your hairbrush regularly needs a good cleaning. "Deep cleaning of your brush with clear soap, such as washing-up liquid, helps well to remove the dirt that is hidden in it," explains Brown.

5. Nourishing cream

Some products, such as sea salt spray, usually contain a lot of alcohol and can dry out your hair, which you want to avoid in the winter. Therefore, use a nourishing product when styling your hair.