5 tips to make your Christmas tree cat-proof

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5 tips to make your Christmas tree cat-proof

© Shutterstock If you have a cat and set up the Christmas tree, you already know that there is a good chance that your cat will hang on the tree. With these tips you keep your cat at a distance.

Christmas is of course not complete without a Christmas tree decorated with flickering lights and large Christmas balls. It is precisely those Christmas balls that make your cat stand out. Of course, cats always like to climb trees, especially when they look so crazy. These tips can help keep your cat away from your Christmas tree.

1. Silver foil

Cats are generally not such a fan of the rustling sound that silver foil makes. Their hairs stand on their feet, which means they are quickly gone. So cover the trunk and the area under the tree with lots of silver foil so that your cat does not dare to take a step closer.

2. Citrus scent

Cats don't like citrus scents. It can help to cut open a lemon or orange and place it under the tree. Of course you can also spray citrus spray on your Christmas tree.

3. Stable tree

If you have a cat, you know that he will jump into the Christmas tree sooner or later. You better have a strong tree. If you have an artificial tree, the tree is fairly light and you can best stick it to the ground with strong tape. With a real tree you can tie some bricks around the legs.

4. Place of the tree

Think carefully where you place the tree. If you place the tree next to where your cat can jump, such as a piano, your cat will hang in the tree even more easily.

5. Carefully decorate

Hang your most beautiful balls at the top of the tree that your cat cannot reach. Hang the Christmas lights deep in the tree so that the cat is less likely to be tempted to chew on the lights.

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