5x popular cities in Turkey

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5x popular cities in Turkey

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Turkey is full of beautiful cities, but this is a list of popular cities in Turkey that you would like to visit once. Why? You can go there for a cultural holiday, but also for sun, architecture, good Turkish food and sometimes even for the beach.

1. Alanya for sun, sea, beach and steps

On the Turkish Riviera lies the coastal town of Alanya, one of the most visited cities in Turkey and we understand why. The city is situated on a rock with beautiful beaches on both sides and a clear blue sea. Many pirates used to come here, so you can still visit the "Pirate Cave": the place where pirates hid themselves. There is another cave, the Love Cave, but because it is more difficult to reach and there is only one way out at a height of 10 meters, some people prefer to skip this cave. Do you dare? Furthermore, Alanya is the place to be to step into the nightlife and dance until the sun comes up. Holidaymaker Asha stayed in Hotel Green Nature Diamond in Alanya and says: 'Fantastic hotel if you want to relax, staff incredibly friendly and they work hard to make you feel as good as possible. At check-in we asked for a room with a view and it was also given at no extra cost. The location of the hotel is also good so that you can go for a walk at the large buffet in the evening, or have a good time in the lounge room, which is really large. I thought it was great and will definitely go back! "

2. Marmaris for beach and shopping

The city of Marmaris is located in a bay so that you can enjoy the most beautiful beaches. It is a very child-friendly place, because the sea remains shallow for a long time. Don't be surprised if you spend your holiday here with a lot of families. In the center of Marmaris you can spend hours strolling through the bazaar full of Turkish souvenirs and delicacies. Want to stay in Marmaris? Take a look at Hotel Tropical Beach on the beach with beautiful swimming pools.

3. Istanbul for culture, warmth and good food

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A holiday in Istanbul creates many impressions that you will not soon forget. In the Turkish city, east and west come together and you look your eyes out. For example, visit the famous Hagia Sophia, the church that has been turned into a mosque. Or the largest covered market in the world: the Grand Bazaar for the most beautiful carpets, jewelery, antiques and local delicacies. The van der Leij family stayed in the four-star Richmond hotel in Istanbul and said in a review: 'We stayed in Istanbul with the family. Previously in an apartment, now for the first time in the hotel. I liked it. Hotel is close to the historic places. The breakfast on the terrace with beautiful views, was favorite. Staff is very helpful and always available. "

4. Ankara for history and archeology

The ancient city of Ankara is the capital of Turkey and you will find many archaeological remains here to view. The historic center of Ankara is located on a rocky hill, be sure to walk through the narrow streets of the old quarter past Ottoman houses with red roofs.

5. Izmir for architecture and nature

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Izmir is a coastal city in western Turkey and has become the third largest city in the country. Not surprising when you consider that you can visit a beautiful collection of Roman ruins here. And the natural phenomenon Pamukkale is in Izmir: age-old hot springs that flow down the mountain like a staircase over white limestone. A beautiful sight and you can also bathe in it.