5x winter destinations in Europe

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5x winter destinations in Europe

© Lonely Planet 5x winter destinations in Europe

Winter comes in various forms in Europe. In the north you will find lots of snow and sunless weeks, while in the mild Mediterranean you will find sun rays and a cozy café culture in the middle of Europe.

It's an inspiring time to visit big cities and charming villages in the. For example, there are fewer queues, which means there is more room in your travel schedule, and you can get favorable accommodation prices outside of the season, making a trip through Europe very friendly for your wallet. The train network allows you to explore countries at your own leisure and meet the locals while they are doing their daily work outside of the often hectic summer season.

Abisko, Sweden

Continue by train you can hardly go to northern Europe than Abisko in Lapland. This winter paradise is for lovers of the serious winter. In December and January the sun does not rise for a few weeks, but it is precisely that darkness that makes it one of the world's best places to view the majestic northern lights. In addition, it is also a perfect location for cross-country skiing through national parks and taking a husky sleigh ride.

Tip: Make a stop near Kiruna to visit the famous Icehotel visit.

Athens, Greece © Offered by Lonely Planet 5x winter destinations in Europe

It's a real damper and a big job to get those 500 people from your photo of the Parthenon in Athens to photo shop, but in winter this is not a problem. All the annoyances and tensions that you encounter in the summer such as crowds, tourist prices, intense heat, queues and air pollution are avoided by traveling to Athens in the winter. Winter is the best time to explore the country's ancient heritage and experience the local culture.

Tip: Island hopping is definitely a good idea, but keep in mind that most accommodations close during the winter.

Budapest, Hungary

Couples skating hand in hand and breathing in the icy air - there is no better place to do this than in the picturesque city park of the Hungarian capital Városligeti M?jégpálya, where a huge ice rink can be found. Do you feel cold afterwards? Budapest is famous for its graceful thermal baths.

Tip: Visit a "ruin pub" at night.

Jasná, Slovakia

In Slovakia you will find high-quality ski slopes that are also affordable. The accommodations and food are also reasonably affordable and the population is also super friendly. Jasná is the best Slovak ski location, with long descents that lead you along beautiful trails with snowy fir trees. The area is located in the rugged but beautiful Tatra Mountains.

Tip: Flights directly to Slovakia can be pricey, so try combining this trip with other destinations in Europe.

Andalusia, Spain © Offered by Lonely Planet 5x winter destinations in Europe

In Andalusia you can expect mild temperatures in the winter months. The accommodations are cheap, and there are fewer tourists at sights such as Granada’s Alhambra and the Cathedral of Seville. Moreover, the tapas and nightlife are just as attractive as in the summer.

Tip: If you are still looking for some winter sport activities, visit Sierra Nevada. This is close to Granada.

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