6 bizarre places to camp

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6 bizarre places to camp

Have you been able to cross almost everything from your travel bucket list? Then we will complete this for you. In this blog we list 6 bizarre places to camp for you. For most you have to be a daredevil and love adventure, but the memory that it gives you is therefore unforgettable.

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Image: Jeremy Cai via Unsplash

1. Staying overnight in the middle of the Sahara

On a camel through the desert and sleeping in the home of the Berbers is really a "once in a lifetime experience". You understand that the ride on the camel alone is enjoyable, once it arrives in the tent camp it is completely top. Enjoy a meal prepared over an open fire and then sit by the campfire to make music with the locals. Note: it can be cold in the Sahara at night! Fortunately, Berbers are pro at weaving warm blankets and you can use it as much as you want in your tent. Do you want to spend the night in the tent camp as intended? Then conquer a place to sleep by the campfire and watch the starry sky. Because nowhere but nowhere will you find a starry sky like this. You really want to see this with your own eyes.

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2. Rainforest Survivors

Rainforests have something magical, right? It remains a piece of nature where you will encounter the most unusual flora, fauna and animals. One step further? Go camping in the rainforest. Without risks and danger? Unfortunately that does not apply. Snakes, insects and risk of malaria, so taking good precautions is very important. Does an overnight stay in the rainforest really take a place on your bucket list? Always set off with a local guide and find out where you can and cannot store your tent.

3. Camping under water

This might not be something to try for yourself. But it is certainly a bizarre place to camp! Yet Chris Fietzer and Brian Wurster created such an underwater camping. They attached a tent, hammock, chairs and fire pit at the bottom of the sea. To ensure that the complete camping equipment would not immediately rise to the surface, they used weights and stones.

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Image: Kristin Ellis via Unsplash

4. A private camping place next to a waterfall

During a camping holiday, nature is not an unimportant factor. Unfortunately, there are often (many) tourists in the popular places. Do you want a place for yourself in a piece of unspoilt nature? That is possible in America. This is how you camp next to a waterfall: how unique! Hipcamp makes this possible, owners of private land rent out their land where you can then pitch your tent.

5. Against the cliff

This may sound very bizarre and okay, of course it is. Yet it is a lot more normal among climbers than you think. You can purchase a so-called "portaledge" that you can attach to a cliff with pegs, among other things. In this way you literally sleep against a cliff. So don't look down!

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Image: Mathieu Perrier via Unsplash

6. Surviving in Antarctica

Surviving yes, because when you go camping in the freezing cold in Antarctica and it is for example not allowed to pee or to bring food. But a bizarre and unique place to camp? That's it absolutely.