6 tips to maintain your glasses

15 May 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

6 tips to maintain your glasses

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Your glasses should last for years, but then it is important that you maintain your glasses well. Wondering why your glasses are always blurry and you suddenly have scratches in the glass? You are probably doing this wrong:

1. Storage

You leave your glasses unprotected on your bedside table or sink. It is best to teach yourself to store your glasses in a glasses case when you are not wearing them. Preferably choose a glasses case with a protective layer on the inside.

2. Glasses down

Never put your glasses down with the glasses down, you will get scratches.

3. You clean your glasses on your clothes.

It seems harmless but can seriously damage your glasses. Always use a clean lens cloth or opt for a damp lens cloth.

4. You use too aggressive cleaning agents.

Never wash your glasses with cold or warm water. It is best to use lukewarm water. Be careful with aggressive substances such as acetone, alcohol, hair spray, perfume and lemon as these can damage your coating.

5. You use a dirty lens cloth

Have you been using the same lens cloth for a long time? Then it is not surprising that the world always looks a bit blurry. Fortunately, you can just wash them. Note: put them in a washing net, do not use fabric softener, 3 in 1 agent or bleach, do not wash above 60 degrees, do not put the cloth in the dryer and do not iron the cloth.

6. Your glasses drop from your nose.

Your glasses come into contact with hair, eyelashes and your cheeks. Moreover, you always put it on and off, so it is logical that your glasses are no longer properly adjusted at some point. Regularly visit the optician to adjust your glasses. You will notice that it is a relief.

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