6 tips to take the best photos using a tripod

12 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

6 tips to take the best photos using a tripod

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What do I take with me on a trip: a single-tripod, a tripod or no tripod at all? Many people will have asked themselves this question. Photographer Louise ten Have gives you some tips to find out what suits you.

1. Intervene with too slow shutter speeds

The first reason to grab a tripod is too slow a shutter speed. If there is too little light, the shutter speed becomes slow. So long that if you take pictures by hand, the photo will be blurred by movement.

2. Take the shutter speed test

Whether or not you are taking a tripod, it is useful to know which shutter speed you can still take by hand. Take the test from 1/125 seconds to longer and with all your lenses. With a physically shorter lens, a longer shutter speed is possible than with a long telephoto lens. After the test, you know exactly for each lens from which shutter speed you can photograph by hand.

3. Pay attention to your ISO and aperture

Together with the shutter speed, they determine the light value. You can ask yourself two questions in low light: can I (and want to) open the aperture more and can (and want to) raise the ISO?

4. Get more light

Is the shutter speed still too long with the options above? Then you could use an extra light source such as a flash or a lamp. An extra light source (can also be a piece of polystyrene, because the sunlight reflects) is a good option if you are photographing someone who you want to be sharp on it.

5. Understand the benefits of a tripod

The ability to capture perfect water features is reason enough for many photographers to take a tripod; water has a special effect from three seconds. For me personally, that advantage often does not outweigh the disadvantages. I find a tripod tripod too heavy, cannot carry on the plane as hand luggage and takes up too much space in my suitcase. And most of the time (but not always) I find a creative solution to put my camera on somewhere. For the photo of the waterfall on the right, for example, I placed my camera on a rock. By the way, the use of a wire release is recommended for all slower shutter speeds.

6. Understand the benefits of a single-leg

For me, a single-leg tripod is the perfect intermediate solution. Thanks to the single-leg, I can shoot for up to 1 second with my wide-angle lens. Test in advance the maximum shutter speed on the single-leg, again with all your lenses.

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