6 Ways to positively change your life in the new year

12 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

6 Ways to positively change your life in the new year

© Maaike Oude Geerdink 6 Ways to positively change your life in the new year

Good intentions, who doesn't have them? From more sports and less unhealthy food to more trips and a dry January. Although your list is always made with the best intentions, the month of January is tough. It is cold and the days seem endless. That's why 6 simple things that you can add to your daily routine, so that you get through the month in a positive way.

Start with that one 'do-it-yourself' job

It's always easy to push it forward. But because of this, that painting is never hung or that one cupboard is put together. Are you bumped into something? Take it! You don't have to do everything right away, start with one task. We bet that you will feel super productive afterwards.

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A digital detox

Start the new year with a clean slate. Remove the people on Facebook who only express themselves negatively and follow Instagram accounts where you don't get inspiration. And now that you're enjoying yourself, scroll through your phone and remove apps that you no longer use.

Make a list

You don't have to write down good intentions, this often involves things that you no longer have to do or that you have to remove from your life. Instead, put things on paper that you would like to do. Looking for that one distant friend? Make promotion? Write a brief assignment next to each goal how you will achieve this. And divide your goals into smaller ones so that it is achievable.

Take a book

It's easy to say that you want to read more, but in practice this is a lot harder. Because: we are all very busy. Therefore, take matters into your own hands. Do you often travel by public transport? Then read a book while traveling, instead of sitting on your phone. Or take a book to a cafe.


Selfcare is not just about 'sitting in a bubble bath', it is also about less pleasant things. Not always nice, but efficient. So call the dentist and make an appointment for your six-monthly check-up. Find out which energy supplier suits you best, manage your own administration and reward yourself after you have completed a task.

Take your time

It's easy to get along quickly with the rest. Everyone you know has something, a YouTube channel, a successful company, a bestseller. But you know what? You are not everyone and hot tubs are also delicious. Take the time, do what you want and enjoy.