7 reasons why you still dream about your ex

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7 reasons why you still dream about your ex

© Grazia 7 reasons why you still dream about your ex

Dreaming about an ex is very normal and it does not necessarily mean that you have a deep-rooted desire for him or her. It can nevertheless be nerve-racking. Because: why does your former flame make an appearance in your dream?


1. You have not yet processed the loss

Your body processes all kinds of events, small and large, daily. Certain major changes have to be processed long and intensively, so that you can also be reminded of your ex at night.

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2. You have traumas from the past

Your subconscious mind always tries to work through unresolved problems. Whether they come from your childhood, previous relationships or other trauma you have experienced.

3. You integrate things from your previous relationship into your new relationship.

Sometimes dreaming about someone you once loved is a way to help you. You can apply the lessons learned in your previous relationship to your new relationship. You can see it as a sign that you are evolving and growing.

4. Your ex represents something else important

In dreams, people, places and things are often symbolic. Your ex can symbolize a time in your life or something else important. A good question to ask yourself: what feelings or memories does the person connect to in your dream? This can help you understand what he or she represents.

5. You look for clarity

Sometimes we dream about an ex, because we have no peace with how things have ended. Whether it was your decision or not, breaking up often never goes as planned. Sometimes a dream is the best way to close something for yourself.

6. You have unmet needs in your current relationship

Even if you are happy with your new love, it is normal that there are things that you want them to be different in the relationship. Maybe there is something that your ex did that you would like your current partner to do. In this case, the dream can shine light on an unmet need, so that you can talk it out with your current partner.

7. You are not over your ex yet

Sometimes there are situations in which someone is not over their ex (or even that person wants to go back), and that comes to the fore in dreams. If this is the case, you have to do a little research. It is important to see why the relationship ended, what did not work for both parties, and to find out if it is something you really want.

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