7 things that happen in every WhatsApp family conversation

15 May 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

7 things that happen in every WhatsApp family conversation

© Editorial Marie Claire 7 things that happen in every family WhatsApp conversation

When we were not yet addicted to our phones and our parents had never heard of WhatsApp, we only reached them by calling the house telephone. Yet our parents know how to familiarize themselves these days and they are also fanatic with social media. Although they are not always on the same level as their children, this often leads to hilarious moments.


1. When you type an entire story and you get a dry answer back

Especially the "Ok." Is really a killer.

2. They often use just too many emoticons

And preferably as many different emojis as possible in succession.

3. The difference between your father and mother

Where your mother usually uses 'Love you' and the accompanying emojis, your father is often a bit shorter in substance and you only get an 'X' sent back.

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4. Sometimes your parents don't quite understand the difference between an SMS and WhatsApp

And they prefer to end every sentence with "X Papa".

5. The 'I forgot to lock my phone' apps

When you see a whole list of 'efwopbf320rtr [nln] 4h6e54364' appear on your phone, you know that a phone is not locked.

6. Autocorrect is something strange for them

Turn it off immediately if they get a new mobile.

7. If you don't respond right away

Some people think it helps if you send them 20 messages, if you don't respond right away ...