7 things you shouldn't share with your partner

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

7 things you shouldn't share with your partner

© Tessa Gorgosz 7 things you shouldn't share with your partner

Although sharing your life with your partner is good to a certain extent, maintaining independence is also important. The fact that you and your partner love each other enough to discuss personal matters or feelings with each other does not mean that you should really share everything with each other.

Do not share

1. Passwords & devices

When it comes to sharing passwords from your phone, computer and other devices, it really depends on what works for you. It is logical that you would like to keep a close eye on each other, but this often damages confidence in each other. Respect each other's individuality and privacy.

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2. Bathroom

Some couples like to brush their teeth together. Or have a conversation while one person is sitting in the toilet or in the shower. While other couples prefer to keep their bathroom activities private. Discuss what works for you, so there are no annoyances and uncomfortable moments.

3. Razor blades

It may seem harmless, but borrowing your partner's razor blade for a quick touch up can not only spread bacteria, but it can also cause illnesses.

4. Nail scissors

Because most people do not clean their nail clippers regularly, the notch can lead to something very serious. A fungal or bacterial infection can be spread by the nail clipper.

5. Friends & social contacts

It is important for couples to also spend time without their partner. It is imperative that you both have a life of their own and other social contacts than just each other.

6. Earplugs

Although earwax is natural ear protection, earplugs do catch bacteria. These bacteria can cause infections and irritations. It is best to clean your ears regularly and not to lend them.

7. Toothbrushes

If you use anything for oral hygiene, don't share it with anyone, no matter how much you love them. If you want to clean your mouth, introducing someone else's germs has the opposite effect.