8 Annoying comments that you get when you wear pants with holes

18 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

8 Annoying comments that you get when you wear pants with holes

© Editorial Marie Claire 8 Annoying remarks you get when you wear pants with holes

The ripped jeans, we all know him. It is your best friend or your greatest enemy. Because these pants are by no means accepted by everyone in the fashion world and we can soon notice that from the comments we receive about these pants. If you have these jeans in your closet, then you are guaranteed to receive these comments once. And let's see that it is really very annoying.

Annoying comments

1. "Did you cut all those holes in your pants yourself?" No, we don't have that!

2. "What do you look artistically dressed!" Exactly ... thanks eh!

3. "Are you in pain? Because I think you've fallen hard on your knees!" This really deserves the price for the most original comment.

4. "You don't go on the street with such pants, do you?" No, of course not! I bought it just to walk around the house with it ...

5. "Don't have the money to buy trousers without holes?" Breathe in, breathe out ...

6. "Is this such a weird fashion trend again?" AAAGGHHH !!!

7. "Isn't that cold? Such pants with all holes?" just. you. mouth!

8. "Do you know there are holes in your pants?" No, I didn't know that when I put it on this morning. But thanks for noticing! I must have fallen somewhere along the way, right?