8 Irritations that you only recognize when you are single

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

8 Irritations that you only recognize when you are single

© Marie Claire 8 Irritations that you only recognize when you are single

Really, if someone is happy single, it is you. But there are those situations where your neck hairs stand up.

1. No girlfriend)? But you are so nice!

Just like you need someone. Thanks aunt Paula, but there is really nothing wrong with me. Eventually, if I feel like it myself, someone will come my way.

2. Friends who have been in a relationship for ten thousand years complain that they have never used a dating app.

Listen, lovebirds. Finding a perfect match is easy, swipe and go. But to actually get a date out of it, which may stick a little longer, that is a completely different story. And, nobody gets happy with dirty messages from strangers in the morning.

3. Third wheel.

Nothing is more annoying than spending an evening with two lovebirds that can't stay apart. You once again dig into the bowl of snacks and you think: just me and my bitterballen.

4. Be linked to that crappy remaining friend.

Do you already know Jan? Really nice guy, you really have to meet him. Look, there is a reason that Jan is still single. Oh wait, yes you are also single. But no. Thank you.

5. Creamy details about your single life.

According to your settled friends you stand back every week bottles of vodka and then dive into bed with a new conquest. That you spend half the time just bumping into Netflix apparently does not work.

6. Invitations from pity.

We really have to invite Louise, don't you think? I mean she is all alone on [fill in the holiday]. Once inside, everyone seems relieved that you have arrived safely. While you, as an independent woman, also manage fine on all those other 364 days of the year.

7. Loving couples in your face.

Sure, we are very happy for you. But do you really have to remind us every time why we are swiping like crazy?

8. And then the +1 parties.

Like weddings. Of course you are once again facing that one single friend, who you don't know and who is definitely not your type, or you sit at the head of the table, so that you don't mess up the seating plan.

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