8 Signals that you have found your best friend

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

8 Signals that you have found your best friend

© Tessa Gorgosz 8 Signals that you have found your best friend

Having a best friend is perhaps the best thing there is. You understand each other without saying a word and you always have someone you can go to. Through these signals you can find out if you and your best bud are really BFFs.


1. You always read her apps as quickly as possible

Even though you have eleven unread messages from other people. If they also want a quick response, they should try to be just as funny and engaging as your best friend.

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2. Appointment is somehow even cozier if you have no plans. You have made a lot of nice trips together, which makes for great memories. But one of your best memories is that you were just at home in front of the TV with lots of food.

3. Deciding if you like her new love takes a while

Oh, she has a new boyfriend? Nice! You do, however, first scan all of his Instagram photos and want to get to know him well (can take six months) before you know if he is really worth it.

4. Other people cannot ruin your band. Of course, the more people, the more joy. But certain things remind you of moments that you have experienced with your best bud. And, those moments that you relive time after time. Do you really have to explain this to a third person every time? If others give you a moment, we won't complain. Otherwise, deal with it.

5. You can laugh at the most silly things that no one else thinks is funny

A glance says enough.

6. You can tell her if you are angry with herThere is no uneasy deliberation or typing and deleting and typing three messages. You know you can tell her everything, even if it is about herself.

7. Talking to them feels like a nice form of therapy

Of course, this doesn't really count as real therapy, but it does come very close if you can express your deepest secrets for hours. And if your best friend can joke when you need it the most.

8. Planning your canceled to be with your girlfriend when she needs you

If she goes through a break up or a serious work drama, it's up to you to cancel all your other plans and be there for her to be. And you do it with love.