8 Tips for radiant skin

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8 Tips for radiant skin

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The best things in life are free, even when it comes to your beauty routine. But taking care of your skin can be a major investment. Therefore, eight skincare tips for which you don't need a cent. At least, assuming that you already have most things in your kitchen.

Facial massage

Puffiness? No problem. Of course you can smash an eye cream, but you can also simply use your fingers and give yourself an undereye massage. "Use your ring fingers to gently press the eye bone, moving from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner of the eye. Repeat this two to three times," says famous facialist Cecilia Wong. "This will not only stimulate blood circulation, but it also helps to minimize fine lines and reduce inflammation."

Georgia Louise, celebrity beautician and La Mer global skincare advisor, is a strong advocate of a massage all over your face. "Your hands are your most powerful weapon to stimulate collagen and activate the products you use," she says.


Louise loves her signature Facial Freeze Tools, to reduce facial swelling. But, if you're looking for a budget option, she recommends this old Hollywood trick: wash your face with ice water.

"I love having a big facial cleansing with cold water, especially if your skin needs refreshment," she says. Not only does a cold temperature wake you up more, it can also quickly reduce your puffiness and pores and soothe inflammation.


Keeping your pillows clean is a top beauty secret. Pillowcases can retain dirt, oils and bacteria from your face, hair and environment. This can become a food source for acne. Try changing your pillows at least once a week. To prevent products from falling on your pillow, Louise recommends a silk pillowcase.

Sleep on your back

In addition to having enough sleep (probably the oldest free beauty tip), it also seems to be important how you sleep. "After exposure to UV rays that cause wrinkles, the most common cause is crushing your face in your pillow," says Renée Rouleau, a famous beautician. "It's like stroking the wrinkles in your skin." Sleeping on your back is ideal, but tell your body when you are in deep sleep ...

Sea salt

Do you suffer from a pimple? Then you can do two things: you can put ice on it to reduce the inflammation or you can put salt on it. "Sea salt has powerful antibacterial properties that pull oil from your pores," says Karen Young, founder of Oui Shave. She recommends combining one teaspoon of sea salt with sufficient water. Then do this on your pimple, let it dry for up to an hour (10 minutes for sensitive skin types) and then rinse it off.

Wash your hands

It's simple, but we seem to forget this step often. "Your hands are covered with tons of bacteria by touching doorknobs, keyboards, and so on," says celebrity aesthetician Joanna Vargas. "When you touch your face, you spread those bacteria over your skin, which can lead to bumps and other skin problems. So always wash your hands well before you touch your face.

DIY peeling mask

A favorite peeling mask from Louise requires a few household necessities: baking powder, water and a dash of lemon juice Mix two teaspoons of baking powder with a teaspoon of water and squeeze a little lemon juice in. Apply it to your face and let it dry for five minutes before you rinse it off with water. Allow five more minutes and then check your new radiant skin.


"Your skin benefits from postures that make the blood flow to the face," says Young. According to her, Dog can stimulate all your blood circulation, which gives your skin a glow. How long you think Young should hold it? Only three to five minutes!