9 gardens for a small home

15 May 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

9 gardens for a small home

A small home often needs some extra attention when it comes to design. If you furnish such a home in a smart and efficient way, you can create a very nice spatial effect there. Does the small house also have access to a (small) garden? Then make sure that it is designed as an extension of the house and thereby make an extension of, for example, the living room. We went to work to find the nicest gardens for you based on the work of our experts. Sit back and relax!

Terrace and flower boxes

© homify / Dutch Quality Gardens, Mocking Hoveniers Terrace and flower boxes

A terrace in combination with a few flower boxes can make for a very nice garden. You don't need that much space at all for that, this photo shows that! A beautiful combination between a modern and rustic style has been created here and that can be a wonderful extension of your living room.

Trees and plants

© homify / Van Dijk Tuinen Groningen Trees and plants

Even in a small garden you can plant a nice tree as a central center. Here it is supplemented with the necessary plants in a fun and even layered way. Just such a layered way of building your garden can also bring a lot of depth from the living room, which also makes the space in the house appear larger than it really is.

A place for the children

© homify / Buro Floris A place for the children

For the children it is always nice to have their own place in the garden . A small corner can also be used for this, such as here directly next to the terrace. This way your kids can play safely outside!

A balcony or roof terrace

© homify / House of Green A balcony or roof terrace

We are talking about gardens in the first instance, but a small home can also be an apartment with a balcony or a roof terrace. That is exactly where you can get started to create a very fun and inspiring outdoor space. Like this wonderful example in the heart of The Hague.

A water element

© homify / Robert Hughes Garden Design A water element

Do you want to add something playful and relaxing to your (small) garden? A beautiful water element can be of great help in that regard. And that does not have to be large, this photo also shows very well how you can realize something like this.

A (partial) covering < / h2> © homify / Earth Designs A (partial) canopy

Do you want to create some shade in the garden or just have a place where you can sit outside when the rain is pouring out? the sky is falling? Also get some inspiration in this garden when it comes to colors. This is a very atmospheric and nice place to sit comfortably, even though the space is not that big.


© homify / Tom Massey Landscape & Garden Design Layering

Layering the garden can also provide a very attractive spatial effect. We have come across an example of that before, but such a "stepped layer" in the garden is shown much better here. Here at least a garden can be seen to get through a ring.

Roof terrace

© homify / Renoparts Vianen B.V. | Your Roof Terrace Specialist Roof Terrace

We showed you a balcony / roof terrace before and we would like to show that again. Ideal for applying a screen on hot days so that you can sit a bit out of the sun.

Turning on the barbecue

© homify / House of Green A place for the children

Even if it's cold outside and gray, it's always nice to look forward to a nice barbecue. And you can light it in the smallest garden. Obviously think about the neighbors, but otherwise you can enjoy the fresh air and good food. Do you also want to gain more garden inspiration? Then take a look at this article.