9 Tips for avoiding New Year's kisses from colleagues

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9 Tips for avoiding New Year's kisses from colleagues

© Grazia 9 Tips for avoiding New Year's kisses from colleagues

The easiest thing is of course to just extend your hand and make it clear that with a firm New Year's handshake nothing is wrong. Kusjesdag is a number of K3 and not what happens today at the office! If it doesn't work out the easy way, then we have some more creative tips here ...


1. Pretend you have cold sores

That is a shame of course, but you just have a cold sore on the day the drink is planned. In order not to infect your colleagues, you should unfortunately not kiss them. This also works well with Pfeiffer.

2. Work on your retreating movement

If you are unexpectedly approached by a quick sales boy or horny accountant, don't panic: not all hope is lost. While your colleague leans forward in front of a fat guy, you just lean back a bit casual. Danger averted.

3. Eat a lot of garlic the night before

Two sandwiches of doner, a complete tub of tzatziki or a few baguettes of herb butter. It does not matter much what you eat in advance, as long as there are as many cloves of garlic as possible. Breathe away from you at the start of the drink and there is a good chance that your working relationships will spontaneously offer their hand.

4. Fingering a cold

You cough and you sneeze and you blow the whole office down. Of course you should not ignite others with that, so it is better to keep your face away from that of others. Of course you find that very unfortunate, uh-huh!

5. Fake a flu or dental appointment

According to research, at least 25 percent of people have used this trick themselves. Quite logical, after all, it also worked in high school if you didn't feel like going to a gym or a biology test. It is a pity that you miss the snacks, but you have something left for a saliva-free New Year.

6. Think of a suitable choreography

Non-verbal communication is always an excellent way to avoid painful situations. So don't put it on a scream when you are suddenly attacked by a kissy colleague, but simply push him or her back with your flat hand.

7. Make sure you keep your mouth full all the time

Of course you can't talk with your mouth full of bitterbal, but kissing while eating is also rather rude. So as long as you keep eating, you don't have to kiss either. An additional advantage: the last leftover New Year's alcohol is also definitively absorbed in this way.

8. Hide under your desk

Of course you can also sit on the toilet, the entire drink, but the carpet is just a bit more comfortable and it also smells less dirty there. Just make sure that you bring a bottle of drink with you, that will be a lot more enjoyable at the end of the festivities.

9. Apply a good layer of lipstick

Officially, lipstick would make you even more seductive, but in practice most men don't feel like bright red smacks on their cheeks or - worse - lipstick stains on their collar. What should their wife not think? A good layer of makeup therefore works well against unwanted office intimates.

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