A fantastic kitchen diner!

15 May 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

A fantastic kitchen diner!

At homify we work as much as possible from home and with you there is a good chance that this is also the case. Or do you have a "vital profession" and still have to do regular (dangerous) work outside? Whatever applies to you, the kitchen that we are going to show you is meant to be able to forget all your worries. A beautiful piece that has been composed with great care by the specialists of ÈMCÉ interior architecture from Amsterdam. Really such a whole to dream away with. We have listed the necessary pictures for you, so have a look!

Monumental farm

© homify / ÈMCÉ interior architecture Monumental farm

Let's give you a little bit of background information about this project first. It concerns a kitchen that has been realized in a monumental farmhouse in Vreeland in Utrecht. In this beautiful area, situated on the Hollandse Vecht and centrally located between Amsterdam and Utrecht, this beautiful gem can be found. The assignment of the residents was clear: a cozy and stylish kitchen with plenty of cooking, but also a place to have a drink and eat together with family and friends (only unfortunately not in too great a composition ...). At first glance, such a kitchen has certainly been created thanks to the interior architects.

View through

© homify / ÈMCÉ interior architecture View through < p>

A beautiful view shows the atmosphere very well and especially the intersection of old and new. Actually, this window is far too low to fit well in the design of the kitchen, but a special lowered windowsill behind the countertop has been chosen so that it fits in a special way. A creative solution to remember!

Eclectic angle

© homify / ÈMCÉ interior architecture Eclectic angle

Interior architecture in a monumental building is not always easy. Which angle will you choose? In this case, a beautiful eclectic solution was chosen. Industrial, rustic and modern elements come together in the most charming way. Actually, explanation is unnecessary in that respect, the images speak for themselves. Of course, pay attention to the beautiful cast floor and the special glass partition wall that creates a very unique atmosphere.

Another glimpse!

© homify / ÈMCÉ interior architecture Another glimpse!

Now no view outside, but towards the kitchen through the beautiful industrially designed glass wall. The cosiness radiates from everything in a cool way and what is also striking is the peace that can be found in the design. A very serene atmosphere in which you can also work or study well when it is quiet. Or you can take a book out of the cupboard while you are waiting for something delicious to come out of the oven ... Home insulation in a place like this doesn't have to be that annoying at all!

< h2> Old elements © homify / ÈMCÉ interior architecture Old elements

You could already see the ancient standing beams of the former farm, but if you look a little further see you pass even more beautiful old elements. Especially the beautiful staircase and the beautiful wooden floor seem to witness this. Again: what a wonderful contrast between old and new.

Kitchen cabinets

© homify / ÈMCÉ interior architecture Kitchen cabinets

The many kitchen cabinets have also been carefully considered. For example, the interior architect informed us that special drawers have been made to facilitate waste separation. And that certainly contributes to a better environment, which of course also has to be taken into account in interior architecture.


© homify / ÈMCÉ interior architecture Overview

With a final overview we say goodbye to this kitchen. A wonderful place to enjoy has sprung up and there is of course now a great chance that you will want to see even more beautiful of these interior architects. You can, of course, make sure you don't miss this article.