A guide to Galway's best music locations

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A guide to Galway's best music locations

© Lonely Planet A guide to Galway's best music locations

Galway is known for some of the best music pubs in Ireland. Many acclaimed artists perform live acts, there are spontaneous performances and the street musicians, where you cannot sit still, are ready to break through.

What the city's pubs provide is even more special: an opportunity to experience a rich musical experience that well describes the soul of Ireland. Almost every walk around the center is full of musical surprises, but following the following route ensures a great night out.

Eyre Square

Start with a walk from Eyre Square to William Street (pause for selfies with the statue of Oscar Wilde and Eduard Vilde) to appreciate the street musicians who bring high-quality music to the streets of the city. Shop Street bars may tempt you, but keep walking for some early evening music at one of Galway's most popular music pubs.


Taaffe's, with its stone facade, is known for his Irish music in the evening at 5:30 pm, which starts every evening in style. The terrace is quickly filled with warm weather, but enter the bar itself to experience the typical cosiness - a bustling atmosphere, chattering crowds and irresistible tunes. It is a place to drink Guinness, to join in with the jokes and to start friendships.

© Offered by Pijper Publishing BV A guide to Galway's best music venues Tig Cóilí

The is a shame when the live music stops at Taaffe's, but no worries, another performance has almost begun on the other side of the street at Tig Cóilí. This bright red music pub is famous for the two popular traditional live sessions, every day at 6 p.m. and 9.30 p.m. While listening, you can view the photos of people who played there - they form a timeline that shows how deeply rooted the musical tradition in the city is.

The Quays

Your next musical Pit Stop is a short walk away through bustling High Street. On this route, stop by one of the best pubs in town, Tigh Neachtain, to enjoy the atmosphere and admire their more than 130 whiskeys. Then continue on Quay Street to the Quays. This huge inn has a lot of striking decor - the Gothic arches, polished beams and stained glass here once adorned a medieval French church. The maze of rooms offers great vantage points to view live rock, country and traditional performances.

© Offered by Pijper Publishing BV A guide to Galway's best music venues Monroe's Tavern

Next is it's time to cross the River Corrib and head into the vibrant West End of Galway. Go to Quay Street and cross the Wolfe Tone bridge before turning right onto Raven Terrace. You will soon see the classic two-story high, black-and-white facade of Monroe's Tavern. This has been the epicenter of the West End nightlife for more than half a century, and it still brings a buzzing atmosphere; Live music every night and an eclectic range of acts.

Crane Bar

A short walk through Upper Dominick Street and then through William Street West leads to an atmospheric, always packed pub with two floors . The Crane Bar has music on both floors every night and is one of the best places in Galway to see an informal céilidh, a session of traditional music and dance.

Róisín Dubh

Return to the Wolfe Tone bridge to find your last musical stop. Róisín Dubh not only offers a large popular roof terrace, but it is also the place in Galway to see emerging acts before they break through. Keep your eyes open for open-mic evenings and the eclectic music mix called "Strange Brew". It's an appropriate place to end your tour of the best Galway locations, and the ideal place to start planning your next trip to a city with a soul full of music.

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