A modern and cozy interior!

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

A modern and cozy interior!

The modern style is one that you can find very much with us. Both in terms of architecture and design. Modern design is very nice and can produce a beautiful stylish image, especially if you put the right interior designer to work. Yet it may be that a modern interior looks somewhat uncomfortable. However, that is not the case when the Marcottestyle experts go to work. The images speak for themselves in that regard. Take the time to look at this very attractive, modern furnished villa.

View in the kitchen

© homify / marcottestyle View in the kitchen

We start with a look in the kitchen. A space where the atmosphere is almost literally for the taking! This is partly due to the use of nice chairs, beautiful lighting and beautiful details such as the place mats. Pay attention to the beautiful high gloss on the cupboards: this also gives extra atmosphere and style to the whole.

Luxury dining room

© homify / marcottestyle Luxury dining room

For us it is already clear that this is the most inspiring and special space of the entire house: the luxury dining room. What a picture to see, what a space and especially fantastic that you can find a real bar here. Who doesn't want that at home? Here too, the balance between modern design and a cozy atmosphere has been perfectly found. We think this space is so beautiful that we would like to show you another photo, so look further!

High gloss

© homify / marcottestyle High-gloss

If you look at the dining room from the other side, you will immediately notice that high-gloss also plays an important role here. High-gloss lacquer has been applied to both the bar and the door. Furthermore, you can see the beautiful chandelier beautifully here and the placemats from the kitchen also come back. It is all these details that together create the cozy atmosphere.

Quiet boys room

© homify / marcottestyle Quiet boys room

Where the kitchen and the dining room are quite colorful, this bedroom is a bit quieter for a boy. And yet you unmistakably recognize the same style again in this whole! Pay attention to the high gloss that is applied here too. This also applies to the carpet that you see coming back in every room. Also pay attention to the integrated lighting, what a beautiful finish!

Cheerful girl's room

© homify / marcottestyle Cheerful girl's room

In this bedroom for the daughter of the house a somewhat happier approach has been chosen, but you also clearly recognize the same kind of style as in the boys' room. For every girl this is a nice place to be able to play nicely and sleep very pleasantly.

Master bedroom

© homify / marcottestyle Master bedroom < p>

A look in the master bedroom should of course not be missed! It is striking that a slightly different color scheme predominates here. Apart from the nice interior, we are particularly struck by the beautiful window with the very beautiful view. And of course also pay attention to the motif used for both the curtains, the wallpaper behind the bed and the bedspread. Great isn't it ?!

The bathroom

© homify / marcottestyle The bathroom

We close the tour through this beautiful villa off in the large bathroom. Again a space that has been furnished with a lot of attention and policy. The use of a lot of natural stone gives a lot of atmosphere. The double sink is one to get through a ring and when you see the spacious shower you immediately feel like a nice extended shower ... We are very surprised by this beautiful interior! Do you want to see even more of the experts from Marcottestyle after seeing all this? Then also view this fun article!