A special barn house in Assendelft

17 Jun 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

A special barn house in Assendelft

We regularly show you the most beautiful new construction projects on homify. You often see images of homes that have already been built, but in this case we are going to view a project that is still being realized. It concerns the digital sketches for a special barn house in Assendelft. The whole was designed by the architects of Studio Floris from Amsterdam. Beautiful designs have been made for both the exterior and the interior. Be surprised by the beautiful images you will see. Especially in these times that you may be confined to your home, a wonderful project to enjoy.

Special shapes

© homify / Studio FLORIS Special shapes

The name barn house may say enough about the special shapes. Old inspiration in a very new look. Many windows have been taken as a starting point. Two beautiful terraces are also a logical consequence of this: the house and garden merge seamlessly in this way. Also pay attention to the choice of material. The wood on the roof and the walls gives this house a very unique look.


© homify / Studio FLORIS Doorzonwoning

You don't hear the term doorzonwoning that often anymore, but this design is a very good example of this. The sun can come in through all the windows and therefore you have a very bright house. And in the vicinity of Assendelft this can provide very nice views in the Zaan landscape. The large sliding doors leading to the terrace can also turn the living room and garden into a beautiful organic unit. Bring on that summer soon, especially now that you are probably confined to your house.

In the dark

© homify / Studio FLORIS In the dark < p>

The nice thing about artist impressions is that they can also give you a simple picture of the situation when it is dark. And even then this house is a special place to live! It also immediately reveals more of the beautiful architecture. A balanced lighting plan should of course also be included. And what a wonderful spacious bedroom the first floor offers!


© homify / Studio FLORIS View

We already talked about the beautiful Zaan landscape in which this house is situated and you can already catch a glimpse of it as soon as we look into the future living room. Spend the day on the couch enjoying the scenery or when you are eating at the kitchen table. Also an ideal place for working from home if you can now look outside musing. Also pay attention to the "recessed" top floor, which ensures that the light can enter the house even better.

The kitchen

© homify / Studio FLORIS The kitchen

The kitchen will literally and figuratively form the pivot from the house. And this kitchen will be a wonderfully spacious place. The kitchen island not only houses the stove, but also the sink. Moreover, there is still room for a nice bar. We have opted for a beautiful modern design that, thanks to the use of wood, still has a small rural edge that matches the appearance of the house and of course the surroundings.


© homify / Studio FLORIS Light

One last impression before we close this article again. The light and the light in this house will certainly be clear to you now. What a luxury to live so well. If possible, let them quickly start building this house, because wine likes to come and have a look when it is finished and the residents live there satisfactorily. Do you want to view a project by this architect in the meantime? Then don't miss this fun Ideabook!