Aha! So this means those words on your beauty products

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Aha! So this means those words on your beauty products

© Beau Monde Aha! This means those words on your beauty products

The world of beauty products can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. New products are launched every day, often with their new vocabulary. Time for a lesson: reading labels on beauty products. Words like hypoallergenic and organic are some examples of commonly used terms to describe the ingredients in beauty products. But what does it all mean?

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Hypoallergenic is a general term that indicates that a product is less likely to cause an allergic reaction. But it is not a guarantee. The manufacturer decides whether to put this term on the product. The cosmetic manufacturer often uses these as raw materials that are known to have very little irritation.

Dermatologically tested

This means that the cosmetic manufacturer has the beauty product tested by dermatologists (doctors specialized in the skin). This only says nothing about the results, the quality or the participants in the study. After all, no law has yet been drawn up on this.

Natural product

'Natural product' means that some of the ingredients in the product come from nature. It does not immediately guarantee that it has a better effect. Every skin is different; one person benefits greatly from natural products, the other can get an allergic reaction.


Actually, organic is the same as organic. It means that the ingredients are of organic origin. No chemical agents are used during the growth of the natural ingredients. The ingredients are produced with respect for nature, people and animals.

Essential Oil

This is a volatile oil extracted from leaves, stems, roots, flowers and other parts of plants. With a volatile oil is meant: an oil that evaporates quickly. This makes the smell of the oil very strong and recognizable.


Never forget to look at the expiration date of a beauty product. If your product is past the date, it can contain a lot of harmful bacteria. Often there is a symbol around the product with a number in the middle. This number indicates the number of months you can use the product.