Aha! This is the way to dye your hair at home

15 May 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Aha! This is the way to dye your hair at home

© Maaike Oude Geerdink Aha! This is the way to dye your hair at home

Sitting at home all day can make you want to try out some 'crazy' things that you would normally never do. Like cutting or dyeing your own hair. That is why we have collected a few tips for you that you want to take into account. And, dyeing your hair is entirely at your own risk!


If you consider dyeing your own hair, you first want to know certain things. Because like everyone who has dyed their hair once, knows why hairdressing appointments are so expensive. Coloring your own hair requires skill, agility and a basic knowledge. Number one hair color rule: always follow the directions on the packaging.

Can't you wait until your favorite salon opens again? Then read the tips below, keep in mind that dyeing your hair is at your own risk and will always look different from what it says on the package. And don't forget to always read the back of the packaging carefully before applying the paint.

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1. Don't wash your hair beforehand.

You want your scalp's natural oils to act as a barrier to irritation.

2. Test it first, before dyeing all your hair.

Do a test first by applying the color to a small piece of hair. The finer your hair is, the faster it will lighten.

3. Read and reread the package instructions

And don't apply the color directly from the roots to the ends (see tip 4).

4. An even color

Divide your hair into four sections. First apply the hair dye an inch and a half away from your scalp and work towards the ends. The heat from your head ensures that the color develops faster from the roots, so you want to dye it last. Especially if you go for a lighter color, this can cause a lot of color difference. Therefore, start half an inch off and work your way to the ends. Then, halfway through the processing time, go back and apply it to your roots. When applying the hair dye, use a color brush to get a more professional and accurate result.

The video below shows how to divide your hair into four sections. It also explains what hair dye does on natural and dyed hair.

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