Alexandra (36): I'm glad I got these extra years from Mother Nature

17 Jun 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Alexandra (36): I'm glad I got these extra years from Mother Nature

For our popular category Beautiful at any age, we put female over-30s in the limelight. Because we think all women are beautiful: regardless of weight, size, skin color and / or "beauty flaw (s)". What is your beauty secret and what will you shine on? And what keeps you young? This week Alexandra Maris (36), who after years has quit her permanent job to do what she always wanted to do: act.

© Marcel Krijgsman

Do you feel your age?

"No not at all. I got stuck in my twenties. But with a lot more life experience than I had when I was twenty. I feel like an "old" twenties. When I look at my children, I do see my age. After all, they are already twelve, nine and seven. I also notice it a bit in my body, because it went through three pregnancies. I've always looked younger than I am. When I was a teenager and wanted to go out, I hated it. The bouncers didn't believe I was old enough to enter the club and stopped me. "

© Marcel Krijgsman

Do you have any beauty secrets?

" it must come to me, I must say honestly. I got good genes from my mom and have never discovered gray hair. I am very careful with makeup. At work I do use some make-up, but otherwise I really let my skin breathe. I think that my skin is still in good condition and looks young. I also use a normal day cream and pay attention to what I eat, with some chocolate in between. ”

Do people often estimate your age?

“ No, never. With the first impression people often estimate me about ten years younger. When they get to know me better and find out that I have children, they will be added for a few years. I love hearing and am glad I got these 'extra years' from Mother Nature. ”

What do you like best about yourself?

“ I'm over generally satisfied, but I am most happy with my face and eyes. My eyes really reflect what I feel and speak volumes. ”

What makes you less happy?

“ My figure. I've become a bit more judge. I was always a size 34 and after all pregnancies I now have a size 36. That is of course still on the slim side, but I lost my figure a bit. My waist is no longer as slim as it used to be and it's not all that proportionate anymore. "

" That doesn't bother me so much that I really want to change it by dieting. I pay a little attention to it and use the "lazy fit girl method". This method gives you a real insight into the nutrients you eat and you learn to find a balance. I don't have the discipline to really go on a diet. "

What do people compliment you for?

" With my energy. People always say that I have a very nice energy, that I am very sincere and authentic. "

Are you where you wanted to be?

" I always wanted to act, but my father thought it was important that I have a 'real' job. I then ended up in elderly care and started working as an activity counselor. There I developed into a managerial position. I was proud of this, but I was not really happy. I still wanted to act and decided to go for it. It felt like an idiot plan: who is giving up his permanent job for an uncertain future as an actress? Well, so am I. "

" In the beginning things went wrong. I was rejected everywhere because I had no experience or training. Then there were times when I thought: shit, now I am here without work and income. But right then I came back in touch with my faith and things came my way. I came into contact with training for actors and actresses and I liked it so much that I immersed myself in it. I now also give training courses and I do acting for companies. That way I stay a bit in the industry in which I previously worked. At home, after all, I have my own studio where I also record voice-overs for videos of companies. ”

I really like the variation of all the different things. Now it also appears that it was smart that I distributed it this way, because corona means that all assignments outside the home are stopped. But because I still have a home studio where I can record voiceovers, I can still work a bit. So financially I am not very worried yet, but I do miss it on a set. "

What keeps you young?

" The way I think keeps me young. I think positively and believe in the power of my own thoughts. ”

Do you have a life lesson you want to share?

“ Trust that it will be all right. ”