All-inclusive vacation? 5 types that you always encounter

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

All-inclusive vacation? 5 types that you always encounter

At an all-inclusive resort, the ultimate enjoyment of sun, sand, cocktails and local delicacies! But, by watching people from your beach bed, you also learn a little more about your fellow vacationer. There are five types that you will always encounter in an all-inclusive resort.

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The all-inclusive gourmet monkey that hangs at the buffet

Although you are often in a small paradise, there are always gourmets that complete spend a holiday at the buffet of the 3-star restaurant. The one finds it sin, the other the ultimate enjoyment. Some of them are already recognizable by the build, but there are also sweets who, miraculously, still fit well in their bathing suits at the end of the holiday. How? Share the secret recipe with us! Because tell yourself, plunging the buffet time and time again is not secretly a highlight of the holiday, isn't it? If the ideal vacation for you consists mainly of good food, a stay at Maxx Royal Belek Golf & Spa is a top idea. The resort scores a 9.9 for the food. Enjoy fresh pastries, ice creams or sushi all day long. Yum!

The just too tight Speedo

Celebrating an all-inclusive holiday is wonderfully easy: no language barriers, no hassle with transport, no fiddling with currencies ... That makes it attractive for all many vacationers from all over the world. This means that you share the swimming pool with a diversity of nationalities, where swimming pool fashion can be just that little bit different. So there is always an Adonis in a (too) tight Speedo. And that person unfortunately never looks like Pieter van den Hoogenband. Looking up your magazine is at your own risk. But remember: every body is a beach body.

The couple who just want to do their own thing

You see them every now and then, but they never stand out - couples who want to do their own thing. They sit in a quiet corner by the pool or you spot them at the most remote table in the restaurant. They just want to get the very best out of their all-inclusive vacation, enjoy delicious food, free food, free drinks and the amenities. But you really won't see them at the DJ in the pool or the limbo competition on the beach. Relax!

The kids who don't seem to have parents

Not all kids behave like angels on vacation. On the contrary. Running nicely, kicking sand around, making bombs in the pool and screaming with pleasure. Give them the wrong ... But where are the parents of these screaming children? Nowhere to be found. Somehow the little ones seem to be on vacation without parents. All-inclusive holidays make it very easy for mum and dad to slip away. Would you rather avoid the small pressure makers? Then choose an Adults Only holiday.

The purebred resort hoppers

That's how you recognize them, the pros who know everything about the resort. They have been celebrating holidays for ten years and hopping from resort to resort during the year. Unsolicited they share all insider tips with you. From which restaurant you should not miss to which beaches are the best and who their favorite employee is. Even if you don't care. But to be honest, it is best to take advantage of this.