Almost broke due to baby deportation? Rent your bed, chair and rocking chair

12 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Almost broke due to baby deportation? Rent your bed, chair and rocking chair

© EditieNL Mother Anouk with daughter Aimee

A pram, baby carrier, rocking chair, bedstead, changing table, box and so on. Your baby's cloud may be small and innocent, he or she needs a huge laundry list of things and that often has a considerable price tag. Baby Exchangerie has come up with something: you rent your entire baby set and after use you send everything back.

"I really bought a lot. My daughter Aimee has no less than four seats: a rocking chair, a beanbag, a table chair and a chair in which she can now sit up straight", Anouk Wijnja from Bolsward says. on. Her daughter Aimee is more than four months old and has just about everything her heart desires.

Crib and a box

"Aimee is my first child. I have had previous pregnancies, but they did not end well. I feel that this makes me even more susceptible for all things that parents should need ", Anouk tells Editie NL. "We moved from a smaller house to a more spacious house before the birth. First I had the choice of a crib or a box. And now both fit in my house, so I bought both a crib and a box. For the visit I also had such a nice romantic crib. Well, she doesn't want to go in. She has been in it twice and then it was crying. "

For the entire baby room, Anouk paid around 150 euros . That's not too bad if you know the average costs: according to Nibud, parents spend an average of around 328 euros on a brand new baby room. They pay around 165 euros for care items and at least 123 euros for new clothes.

Preventing crib death

Yet Anouk then paid 'hundreds of euros' to a bath - 'we never use it, we always take a nice shower together' -, a diaper bag, a expensive baby monitor, a co-sleeper and an expensive mattress. "I have invested a lot in a mastrasje that would prevent cot death. But then again, Aimee is sleeping in the co-sleeper so she doesn't use that crib yet."

Julie Munneke-Tromp, founder of Baby Exchangerie, knows as the mother of two children and the third coming, the urge to buy everything new all too well. "There is a bit of a fear culture of 'oh, if I don't buy that expensive mattress, then I am not a good parent'. You have to buy so much and it happens that you don't need something or don't use something, or not so long and then you have to put it away again somewhere ", Munneke-Tromp tells Editie NL.

Traces of use

Since last May, new parents can rent baby equipment at Baby Exchangerie. "The reasons why people come to us are convenience, lack of space and sustainability," Munneke-Tromp told Editie NL. "You can rent everything from us in packages or separately. There is a particular interest in the items that last shorter - three to six months - such as a baby carrier or a Triptap Newborn. If we see traces of use, nothing will happen. are not used carefully, we will charge you for that. "

Another alternative is to buy your second-hand goods for sale through Marktplaats. Brand new mother Anouk also bought some things through Marktplaats. "That really makes a difference in price. In retrospect there are certainly things that I think: 'I shouldn't have bought that'. If I sell everything for a good price, then I can certainly pay for her studies. But yes, she is my little princess."