Amazing Amazon: river and rainforest of Brazil

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Amazing Amazon: river and rainforest of Brazil

© Lonely Planet Amazing Amazon: river and rainforest of Brazil

In Brazil you find 60 percent of the largest rainforest in the world: the Amazon rainforest. A gigantic green area in South America, through which the river of the same name with its endless branches meanders. This vast jungle and miles of water are an ideal challenge for adventurous travelers.


A journey through the largest rainforest of the world can be done in many ways. Are you going for a multi-day survival trip or would you rather sleep on a comfortable, fixed point and do day trips? There are many different travel organizations in the Amazon that offer many different activities and accommodations. These accommodations are often so-called lodges, which range from luxury double rooms to simple cabins. Camping in the rainforest is also possible. There are permanent camping spots for this. Those who really want to seek out the adventure pack their tent and set off with a guide for a multi-day trip.

© Offered by Pijper Publishing BV Amazing Amazon: river and rainforest of Brazil

There is also plenty to do on the river, for example you can take a boat trip, canoe, or fish. Sleeping on the Amazon, aboard a fishing boat, is also possible.

Although the rainforest is a favorite subject for the Discovery Channel, most adventurers will not come into contact with jaguars soon. or other exotic animal species. There is a huge variety of fauna in this area, but the area is large, densely populated and the animals often retreat.

© Offered by Pijper Publishing BV Amazing Amazon: river and rainforest of Brazil


A good starting point for your journey through the rainforest is Manaus. It is the largest city in the area and there are many organizations established with which you could make your journey. The city is easy to reach by plane, but those who have more time can also go by boat, across the Amazon. Such a boat trip to the city quickly takes a few days, but is a wonderful trip. From here the entire Amazon area is open to you by boat. An alternative boat route departs from the smaller town of Alter do Chão, over Tapajós, a southern branch of the Amazon.


Timing is very important when visiting the Amazon. It can be extremely wet or extremely dry - both not optimal. The best months for a visit are May and June. The Amazon is therefore at its highest and the banks are often flooded. You can then sail among the tree trunks, over the flooded forest area.

South of the Amazon rainforest you will find the wetlands of Pantanal, where you can spot many wild animals.

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